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Nice Dice is a dice game of strategy and luck in the style of the game Yahtzee

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Nice Dice is a special kind of dice game which is designed in the style of the famous classic games Yahtzee and Yamb. Playing Nice Dice is really fun. It involves your mind and intellect and thus keeps your mind active and relieves your stress.
You can play Nice Dice alone or against another player. Nice Dice provides you with two variations of games i.e. single column Yahtzee and four-column Yamb game. It also lets you choose between five or six dice game. The game requires you to roll the dice and your goal is to score highest and place the score in one of the score categories in each turn. The game ends when all the score boxes in the scoreboard are filled.
Nice Dice also stores your score and displays top 20 scores for each of the four variations. Nice Dice also displays hints for each scoring option and allows you to undo/redo your last move. It also saves the current last played and preferences automatically.
Nice Dice is well designed with realistic sound effects and an appealing user interface.
This interesting dice game is shareware but you can download the evaluation version which allows you to play the game 25 times.

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  • Simple and easy
  • Compatible with most of the versions of Windows OS
  • Users can play alone or against another player
  • It saves and displays the top 20 scores for each of the four game variations
  • Provides options to Undo/Redo your last move
  • Very user friendly


  • Does not support Linux and Mac OS
  • Not a free game
  • Available in only one language
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